Eating and Resting

If not for the holidays or summer peak prices, these services are usually cheap. Have determined your trip is “pho” or “travel dust” then you need to avoid the high-end areas such as downtown, beach … Do not be afraid, you have a motorcycle – Not much but a lot of play, so a room at a hotel or motel in a residential area – if clean, the price is acceptable. Finding these places is not difficult, you run around the streets a few rounds will see a lot, spoiled the price and choose – Meet the “low point” do not hesitate … pay offline, no What a shame, hotel owners or vacationers do not want to leave the vacant room in the desert.

The best food and the best prices are in local markets. Do not show yourself as a tourist, integrate with the community and explore each corner to discover unique dishes that are hard to find. Sometimes you will be surprised with the unique way of charging: eat and count yourself to finally tell the seller to people to … charging money – a sincerity to the … cute!

Satisfying all the experience or travel dust within the framework of an article can not. However, I am sure that after only one trip you will learn a lot of tips for later trips and … after that. Hope that all of you love traveling in all parts of the country will have the perfect trip.


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