Motorcycle from 6,00 € – 8,00 €


Motorcycle from 6,00 € – 8,00 €


Xe Sirius, Blade, Wave S, Wave anpha


Description: HONDA, YAMAHA. New model 2016 year. INCLUDED on price: Third party insurance, 3 cases (upper and upper case), unlimited mileage. Extra insurance is available for € 2.2 / day – you can choose it from the list of additional services. NO additional or hidden fees.

Driver min. Age: 18


CDW (maximum liability in case of damage): 400 EUR


Security deposit for car (refundable): only authorized EUR 400 card. You may or may not


Rental terms and conditions: In our fleet, we have only the new WAVE, WAVE S, BLADE, SIRIUT, and SIRIUT RC models 2016-2018. HONDA, YAMAHA and all taxes are included in the price. All bikes have side covers. Some bikes have top cases as well, please read description of each bike. Guests can take a bicycle in one city of HA GIANG and drop off in another city for an extra fee. All bicycles are insured for third-party damage, you can choose Additional Insurance in the list of additional services for 2,2 EUR / day and your maximum risk in case of damage would be 400 EUR, not more. There are no other hidden costs or fees.




We rent motorbikes and helmets needed to explore the HA GANG STONE CABINET area.


If you have any problems, feel uncomfortable or have problems throughout your journey, please speak directly to us. We will help you solve any problems you have.


Room renting – An idyllic house with a separate room, clean, cozy and beautiful: $ 2.5 (VND 50,000)


Motorbike rental – Motorbike every day: $ 7 (150,000 VND) Honda, HonDa

  • Optional motorcycle insurance every day: $ 2,2 (VND 50,000)
  • Security deposit for each motorbike: $ 25 (VND 500,000)

The deposit is refunded when returning the motorbike


Motorcycle tour with easyrider:

Motorcycle tour with easyrider:

Tour 2 days 1 night: $ 90 / person (2.070.000 vnd)

Tour 3 days 2 nights: $ 160 / person(3.680.000 vnd)

Note: Prices include food and accommodation, petrol, permits, tickets and sightseeing of all views, motorbike repair fees

Our Easyrider does not speak English but he can use Google Translate to communicate with you

Our local tour guide:

$ 26 (VND 600,000 / person / day)


Car rental service:

4-seat car:

Price:$ 195       4,500,000 VND / 3 days 2 nights

Price: $ 169      3,900,000 VND / 2 days 1 night


Price: $ 304      7,000,000 VND / 3 days 2 nights

Price: $217       5,000,000 VND / 2 days 1 night






WhatsApp: + 84 0973973098

WhatsApp: + 84 0918656838




1. Why it is better to rent a bike online? 

We guarantee the best available prices. It means that you will not find a better price even at the office of the rental company. Moreover, you can secure yourself by booking in advance, because all bikes may be already booked when you come to the office on arrival.


2. What is the price of BikesBooking services?

You don’t pay any commission for our services, our services are free for customers. And no credit card fees. We have special agreements with all rental companies and they pay to us. For you as a customer price is always the same as you would rent on arrival, but our website is more user-friendly and we offer special deals sometimes.


3. How can I be sure that the rental company will accept my BikesBooking voucher?

By making a reservation through BikesBooking, you enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the bike provider (rental company) at which you book. Rental company knows about your booking and will provide you with exactly the same bike which you have booked. If the rental company doesn’t have bike you have booked, they will provide you with a better bike without extra charges.


4. Payment

You don’t need to pay the full price at the moment of booking. We charge only a small part of the total price on behalf of the rental company just to secure your booking. It means that you pay part of the total price now and the rest when you will come to receive your bike.


5. Can I cancel my booking?

Of course, plans change sometimes, you always can cancel or modify your reservation in your account. Cancellation is free of charge at any time earlier than 48 hours before start of rental period. After 48 hours charges will apply. Please note that part which you paid online to secure your booking is not refundable.


6. Do I need a driving license to rent a bike?

It depends on a country and type of the vehicle. No driving license is needed for bicycles. Usually you will need B (car) category drivers license to rent a quad bike or a scooter of 50cc. A1 or A (moto) category to drive a scooter or motorcycle with an engine more powerful than 100cc. In Spain or Italy you can rent a 125cc scooter with B (car) driving license if you hold it for 3 years. Please always read the rules of the rental company on the booking page. In most locations, the minimum hiring age is 18 or 21 years.


7. E-voucher

We send you a voucher on your email after payment of a deposit, please print it in advance or save on your smartphone. The BikesBooking voucher / eVoucher must be presented to the bike hire company when picking up your vehicle. We cannot be held responsible for rentals rejected if a voucher is not presented.


8. What is a CDW?

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) – amount of money which renter should pay to the rental company if bike was stolen or damaged. CDW reduces the renter’s liability from the total cost of the damage to an excess amount. CDW covers liability for damage to the bike or its parts.


9. Deposit for a vehicle

Most bike hire (rental) companies require a security deposit for the bike (your driving license, cash, passport, etc.) at the start of the rental to cover the liability excess, any charges incurred during the rental and, in some cases, fuel. If provided bike and extras are returned in accordance with the rules of rental and the fuel policy, this deposit will be refunded after dropping the bike off.


10. What if bike was stolen or damaged?

We can recommend to contact your provider as soon as possible. If you didn’t purchase full insurance any damages caused by the renter to the rented vehicle may be charged by the rental company corresponding to repair costs. Many companies offer additional or even full insurance as an extra service, BikesBooking always recommends to purchase full insurance. If rented vehicle was stolen, the Client must present keys, documents and the police theft complaint to not be charged. Always check your agreement with the rental company for additional terms.

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