Motorcycle from 7,00 € – 10,00 €

Number of bikes 10

Xe Win 125 cc

Description: HONDA, YAMAHA scooter for 2 people. Easy to use and drive. Space for full-face helmet under the seat. Very economical. Requirements: at least 19 years old and A1 drivers license or 18 years and A1 license.

Driver min. age:18

Security deposit for vehicle (refundable):100 EUR (refundable at the end). You can complete or not

Terms and Conditions of the rental company:We provide only New scooters, insurance, one helmet, lock, city map, 24h road assistance included in the price. You can purchase additional extra insurance, 2nd helmet, top case, GPS. Customer should leave a small deposit for scooter which will be refunded at the end of rental. You can rent 50cc and 125cc scooter with an ordinary car (B) driver’s license. From 150cc all scooters require A1/A2/A moto license. Customers with non-European driver license required to have additional paper version International Driver Permit. Delivery to hotel and one-way rental to the airport is possible for extra 2.2 euro/1 day – please choose it in the extra services.

             Lesson 1 Motobike  Dust travel always gives the person experience the feeling of fun, new and attractive extremely. Especially, you will enjoy the freedom, where you want to go, where you want, where you want to sit on a rock snout watching the vast sea in the wind blowing for hours and hours no one disturbed and However, you will not have a voice guide to return to the car as usual. Even in eating and sleeping: it’s all about your right to choose where to eat or when to sleepwake up


           2 WAYS … GO AND ON – If you overcompensate both go and back by motorcycle? It is perfect because you will feel full of all the best in the trip. There are things you should choose 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning, it will be cool weather, no traffic jam when out of the city, sure you will be excited enough.The road should take the route through many beautiful sights, even if it is far from the destination. It’s okay: Start the trip is always healthy, everything is easy. On the way back: you are now satisfied – this is the time to choose the shortest and best way to get home, usually the highway or provincial road. – Are you afraid of not being able to drive a motorcycle all the time? Do not worry: determine if you will drive well on the way or on the way back (so you only drive half the road).


We rent motorbikes and helmets needed to explore the HA GANG STONE CABINET area.


If you have any problems, feel uncomfortable or have problems throughout your journey, please speak directly to us. We will help you solve any problems you have.


Room renting – An idyllic house with a separate room, clean, cozy and beautiful: $ 2.5 (VND 50,000)


Motorbike rental – Motorbike every day: $ 7 (150,000 VND) Honda, HonDa

Security deposit for each motorbike: $ 25 (VND 500,000)

The deposit is refunded when returning the motorbike


Motorcycle tour with easyrider:

Motorcycle tour with easyrider:

Tour 2 days 1 night: $ 90 / person (2.070.000 vnđ)

Tour 3 days 2 nights: $ 160 / person(3.680.000 vnđ)

Note: Prices include food and accommodation, petrol, permits, tickets and sightseeing of all views, motorbike repair fees

Our Easyrider does not speak English but he can use Google Translate to communicate with you

Our local tour guide:

$ 26 (VND 600,000 / person / day)


Car rental service:

4-seat car:

Price:$ 195 =    4,500,000 VND/ 3 days 2 nights

Price: $ 169 =   3,900,000 VND / 2 days 1 night


Price: $304  =    7,000,000 VND / 3 days 2 nights

Price:  $217 =     5,000,000 VND / 2 days 1 night






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